Making "Sahti" juniper beer

     Making Sahti starts with preparations:

   Warm up the Sauna

 Boil the water

   Ensure that all equipments are hygienic ( wash the dishes )

Mix the barley and rye malt with hop to the boiling water for making the "mash"

Keep the container with 'mash' in a warm Sauna (~60 degrees Celsius ) and add some boiling water with stirring every now and then for next 4 hours

Heat up the mash in the end by adding some heated stones

from fireplace in to the container

Prepare the filtering device ( called "kuurina" ) with some juniper twigs before you pour the mash into the filtering device

Add boiling water into the filtering device until you have 50 – 60 litres of the wort

Cool the wort and add yeast, keep Sahti in warm place for 1-2 days

for starting the fermentation ,

Bottle it and move Sahti to cool place for finalizing the slow fermentation.


       Sahti is ready for enjoy after 2-6 weeks depending in the storage temperature  ( cooler the temperature , longer storage )